Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sign Up Rotator

As what I already promise a day before, this is the free tool to make signup rotator (of course you could use for any other purpose). I take the main structure of the script from Dan Benjamin at, but I change the script so it could be encapsulated on the Javascript that easier to put anywhere on the blog. The courtesy to the main code is belong to Dan Benjamin. I host my script (php script) on my site here :

The display will look like this :

: The random referral uplink will automatically chosen whenever the page refreshed or reloaded.

And the code is here :

To create specific rotating url, you just need to make some ini file like this :
src =
alt = Agloco Sign Up (Aureus)
url =
title = Join Agloco under Aureus

src =
alt = Agloco Sign Up (Ismabera)
url =
title = Join Agloco under Ismabera

src =
alt = Agloco Sign Up (Luca)
url =
title = Join Agloco under Luca

Save it to some place that allow direct linking (ex : and change the code to this :

Notes : Change with the file address url for your ini file.

NOTES : My profile's photo use the same technique to change the photo everytime (random) every refresh :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How To : Promoting Your Network

After a while in Agloco community, I saw so many blog of Agloco spreading around the internet. Most of them is consist of a brief explanation about how 'Good' is Agloco will become a benefactor for their pocket. A few of them are great, which attract more downline to their network, but I could say most of them (80%, 90%, or even 99%? I'm not make a statistical survey for this :) ) are far from enough to look for new downline or even maintenance the network growth. If you want to make your network grows, there are steps that helping you to growth your own network and best of it maintenance it (Best of All, I will tell you how to make it FREE) :
  1. Build a Community Web or Blog that Help Your Network : Maybe you are a great marketer, a good persuader, but mostly people could not do this effectively, and your downline maybe is one of them. Not mention even how to market Agloco, some of them maybe so naive about building a good site for promoting themselves. Your downline is your key, if your downline is as effective as you are, then your network will be grown faster than you work alone. Help them with building a site that explaining about Agloco, and you could put some link of registration from your downline there. A rotator of registration link is a good idea to do this. (I'm on the way making a rotator which you could use for free, remind me :) ! )
  2. Show you are serious, or show your network is serious : Your dedication to tell the people about Agloco, how you market them is some way to show it. But 'Brand' is also important things to do. Try to make your own web address, your own domain, which your mail address come from the same domain. Of course you could buy your own domain like so you will have your own email address like : That's not so expensive, many domain registrar offering from $5 - $10 per year. If you want the free one, you could register your own domain from or and redirect the address to your blog (like this : will redirect you to This domain name come from If you want your own email address from that address (like :, then you could register your free domain at And best of all, using this, you could give away your member the email like :,
  3. Representative & Uptodate Site : Your sites should be more representative and most of it - UpToDate. Most of marketing sites is looks funky, big font, red colour font, and so on. This is not wrong, but will look cheap. Try to make it more simple and strike to the core. sites is simple (even not complete yet). If you host your own blog, then choose the CMS or BLOG software that have many templates (like Joomla or Wordpress), they provided good templates and ease of use. Try to give something new for the network to read. Keep their spirit always up, whenever the release of viewbar is longer than expected like now, keep boosting your spirit of your network with more downline.

Maybe these is not all, but I will update this list whenever I have more idea or You have more idea. Please contact me.

Dynamic DNS for your domain

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Slovenian Agloco Extended Calc

Agloco Extended Calc in Slovenian Language is launched. Thank you to Ismabera for his time and effort translate it. Here is the calculator :

And the code is :

If you like to translate it for me, please tell me, I will really appreciated that.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Agloco Extended Calc Address Update

Look likes the site I used for hosting the script is off, don't know when it's on, so I decided to change to my paid host (before I used free hosting site, which may not reliable). Please update your script with this :

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Adsense Mistake on Many Blog

While I was surfing around the Blog of many Agloco member which I got the address from the comment from official Agloco blog, I notice there are many of them putting adsense on their blog. With AdSense we could got additional income whenever people click on the advertising that displayed on our site. But what I see there, that many people don't put filter on competitor on their adsense setting, so the adsense is putting the 'competitor' link, because many of the Agloco member is using AdWord to put their referral link into google AdSense. This is not wrong, but maybe for some people, they are not realize that they are promoting other Agloco referral member either.
Those who don't like this, should put filter on their AdSense setting to filter the competitor's advertising.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Put Agloco Extended Calc on Your Site

Do you want to add Agloco Extended Calc on your site? If the explanation in my post before is not clear yet, then in here I will try to explaining a little more clear (I Hope).

1. First of all, open your post or make a new post
2. Type the code below somewhere in your post

3. Save your post, and view your blog.
4. If you had difficulty, just ask me or comment here.

Add to Technorati Favorites

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why Agloco is better than Youtube?

What I talk here is about the company profit. Both of the company is rely on advertising for their income, so we could make comparisons of them, and we will know why Agloco is better than YouTube. Let's see about Youtube first, we will see about one year ago, which the condition of the member of YouTube is close to the amount of the Agloco member right now, so the comparison will be easier to judge.

At April 2006, YouTube member is about 12.9 millions of unique user. The bandwidth company usually charge about one penny ($0.01) for every minute of traffic. And YouTube is using a large scale of bandwidth, so probably got a major discount and will paying about 0.1 penny until 0.5 penny per minutes of bandwidth traffic. With the 40 millions of videos and 20 terabytes traffic a day, YouTube is approximately paying almost $1 million each month for the traffic and the payment go through Limelight networks. With 12.9 millions of user, it's a market for advertising. Akamai on that year posted about $11.9 millions for first quarter of the year, and that about $4 millions per month.

Now we see Agloco, the agloco ever stated that it want to reach about 10 millions of user this end of July 2007 (about same with the youtube's members last year), so the advertising will be about the same. Or maybe we just calculated it's about 5/6 of 4 millions = $3.33 milions per month. If we make it only 50% (because Agloco still new), then it's about $1.665 millions per month, and it will be grown to gain market trust, because Agloco advertising is displayed on every sites (because it's pasted on the viewbar, so where ever user going, the browser will display advertising for companies). The bandwidth cost? Gladly you asking this. Could you imagining the bandwidth of transmitting video and image/text based advertising? It's a big difference, one minute of video transmitting maybe taking up about 2 megabytes of traffic, and that amount of traffic already could transmit about 50 - 100 image advertising. So the bandwidth cost for Agloco is merely only about 2% of YouTube. 2% x $1 million = $20k per-month. So the income profit for Agloco is much higher than Youtube.

So we now knowing about Agloco and YouTube comparison, what are that means? That means Agloco is more profit than YouTube and it will lead to higher price on Agloco stock. Higher price on Agloco's stock means the owner of Agloco are richer. Owning Agloco means Owning of the internet is possible. And you know that to own of Agloco cost nothing? Care about it? Join Now.